Journey to the south of Italy

For those traveling to southern Italy, there are certainly many tourist destinations to visit, all full of monuments and attractions to see.

Sicily is often not included in the destinations to visit, not for the lack of attractions, but for the difficulty that can be had in reaching it. For those who want to include this island in their tour of southern Italy, the ferry that leaves from the port of Naples can certainly be a valid alternative for those who want to save hours and hours of travel.

Travel with the Naples Palermo ferry

As we said a few lines above, choosing to reach Sicily with one of the Naples-Palermo ferries that depart every day from the Port of Naples is one of the best choices you can make. In addition to saving travel hours, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a crossing in the Mediterranean Sea to Sicily.

For those who want to take advantage of a good rate, it is advisable to book their place on the ship well in advance. In fact, often the tickets with the best price are sold within a few days of availability. Online, you can always find a number of excellent offers directly on the website of the major companies that sell tickets for ferries. NetFerry’s site is certainly one of the best and most complete. In addition to being updated in real time with the rates and ferries available, it also includes a series of useful information on the destinations that will be reached.

What to see in Palermo

Palermo is located in the southern part of the Italian peninsula and is the capital of Sicily. Its foundation dates back to about 2700 years ago, although there are many archaeological finds that show that the area was inhabited many centuries earlier. It is one of the most popular cities in Italy and countless treasures can be admired while strolling through its historic center.

Southern Italy - Palermo in pictures

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For lovers of culture and churches, the historic center is full of interesting points of interest such as the Palatine Chapel, the churches of Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio, San Giovanni dei Lebbrosi, Santa Maria degli Angeli, Santa Maria della Gancia, San Giovanni degli Eremiti, Santa Maria della Catena, San Giuseppe dei Teatin.
The Cathedral of Palermo is certainly the pride of Palermo, who come here to celebrate the most important holidays and the Holy Christmas mass. Its grandeur, as well as the countless paintings and masterpieces on its walls make it look more like a museum than a cathedral.

The International Marionette Museum, the Massimo theater and the Regional Gallery of Sicily are other points of interest that are often not included in traditional tours. For those who want to visit the city in complete tranquility, bicycles and their feet are certainly the most suitable means of transport. In this way, you will be able to admire this city full of decadent and very particular charm in complete tranquility.

The various populations that have followed one another over the centuries within its walls have left a series of indelible marks that have made it unique. Just go to the Arab quarter of Kalsa, to see with your own eyes how the atmosphere and buildings in this district have been influenced by the previous inhabitants.

To round off your visit to Palermo, you should definitely take a walk in the park of the Real Tenuta della Favorita. Park used for hunting by the Bourbon court in the 19th century is now one of the most enchanting and ideal places to spend hours of rest reading a good book and enjoying the rays of the warm sun of this Sicilian island.

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